Season runs June to September, 2020 (approximately 16 weeks) – starting June 9th (single shares will pick up every other week starting the week of June 16, 2020 )

Full Share (feeds 2-4 people )  ( June-Sept)        $510.00

Half Share (feed 1-2 people)       (June-Sept)       $360.00

Single Share **8weeks (feeds 1 person )  ( June-Sept)        $185.00

Each Share will include fresh fruit for 8 weeks of the Season –fruit will be from organic farms in the Finger Lakes Region of NYS.

**This Share will be every other week during the season on the Fruit Share Week – basically, you come EVERY OTHER week during the Season starting on approx. the 2nd week in June and will pick up a half share every other week.

Additional Info/Terms:
Deposit ($100.00) is due at time of application to hold your spot for 2020

Remaining balance:
Full Share $200.00 – 2/1/2020; $210 – 4/1/2020

Half Share $125.00 – 2/1/2020; $135 – 4/1/2020

Single Share $85.00 – 2/1/2020

No refunds – after June 1, 2020

PickUp will be at 7443 East South Street, Clinton, NY (Westmoreland),
Tuesday or Thursday  4-7:30pm at the farm. I am responsible to meet my obligation of picking up my CSA Share on the day & time frame I have selected or forfeit the share with no refund. However, with 48-72 hour notice we will be happy to arrange a switch to the alternate pick up day and time. You are always welcome to have someone pick up your share for you as long as we know ahead of time. This rule is critical because otherwise we are overharvesting.

Click here to download a printable application which you can mail along with your deposit. Alternatively, you can sign up online and pay via Paypal instantly.


What is a CSA?

CSA is a locally based food distribution system that creates a direct link between farmers & consumers.

Members pre-purchase a “share or subscription” in the farm’s harvest in the spring when expenses are highest for the farmer.

In exchange, CSA members receive a weekly box of freshly picked produce as it becomes available throughout the season.

This partnership helps ensure a more secure market for small family farms struggling to compete with larger, less sustainable farms, as well as ensures members consistent access to healthier, safer and tastier food.

Why join a CSA?

Taste – we select our vegetable varieties for excellent taste and quality, not for yield, we prefer many heirloom varieties, but we have found many delicious hybrid varieties as well. We do not use GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

Freshness – your veggies are picked within 24 hours of pick-up

Health – our veggies are grown without pesticides in a hydroponic system without soil, resulting in highly nutritious food

Local Agriculture – your CSA dollars go directly towards supporting and sustaining a small local family farm – a valuable community resource! Get to know the farm and the farmers. See where and how your food is grown on the Farm.