Shareholders choose, either, Tuesday or Thursday evening from 4-7:00 pm  at the farm to pick up their weekly share.  Shareholders at first distribution  will receive a reusable “share” bag to use each week. We use a mix and match system with guidelines. Some items may have set limits due to short supply.

We encourage you to bring your children to the farm.  They can  visit with our  resident pygmy goats:  Violet, Poppy, Rosie & Iris.  If you’re counting, yes, there are 4 goats in residence on the farm.  Violet is the last of our original “Three Goats”, and she is living out the rest of her life on the farm. We lost our wonderful ” Spike” in March of 2014 and “Vinca” in 2016. Poppy, Rosie & Iris are the next generation of Three Goat Farm. We also have several banty chickens on the farm. Visitors to the Farm will also get to enjoy the adventures of our little banty chicken ” Lucky”  her escapades on the farm are highlighted in the weekly newsletter and from time to time on our Facebook page.

(For the safety of our farm animal residents and your beloved pets, we ask that you do not bring your pets to the farm).

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Benefits of being a Shareholder

  • Weekly pick up of fresh locally grown produce
  • Weekly newsletter filled with info about what’s happening on the farm, as well as recipes, storage & handling tips, including  freezing & preserving tips
  • Farm events and potluck gatherings, and our harvest feast
  • Connection to land & community; celebrate friendship, food and culinary creativity!
  • NEW 2018 – 10% Discount Card for purchases at our new Farmstand or at our booth at the Oneida County Public Market


Tomatoes; 27 heirloom varieties Beans, Green & Yellow Lettuce,Beets, golden & red Cucumbers Brussels Sprouts Kohlrabi, carrots


Summer Squash Cauliflower Basil, celery Hot peppers pac choi
garlic; garlic scapes
Winter Squash,  salad greens Acorn Squash leeks Broccoli, melons  onions
Eggplant,  okra

Head & leaf lettuce

Fingerling Potatoes pumpkins Peppers heirloom summer squash Cabbage; strawberries; concord grapes
Pea Shoots; snap & snow peas Radishes potted herbs Green Onions Spinach Swiss Chard

What is a CSA?

CSA is a locally based food distribution system that creates a direct link between farmers & consumers.

Members pre-purchase a “share or subscription” in the farm’s harvest in the spring when expenses are highest for the farmer.

In exchange, CSA members receive a weekly bag of freshly picked produce as it becomes available throughout the season.

This partnership helps ensure a more secure market for small family farms struggling to compete with larger, less sustainable farms, as well as ensures members consistent access to healthier, safer and tastier food.

Why join a CSA?

Taste – we select our vegetable varieties for excellent taste and quality, not for yield, we prefer many heirloom varieties, but we have found many delicious hybrid varieties as well. We do not use GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

Freshness – your veggies are picked within 24-48 hours of pick-up

Health – our veggies are grown using only practices and products approved for organic production

Local Agriculture – your CSA dollars go directly towards supporting and sustaining a small local family farm – a valuable community resource! Get to know the farm and the farmers. See where and how your food is grown on the Farm.